Travel Guide to Ocean Grove

Ocean Grove, NJ has many vacation house rentals in historic houses, cottage and condo-converted hotels - beautifully restored with modern amenities.

Ocean Grove: Historic Town with many vacation house rentals!

Greetings from Ocean Grove, NJ!

Ocean Grove, New Jersey is important in the history of the Jersey shore: a town carved out of mountain-like dunes and wild beach plum groves a few years after the Civil War. The first vacationers were tenters. But then, it quickly followed that houses and hotels were built to accomodate ever-increasing crowds.

Ocean Grove was one of the first vacation resorts on the Jersey Shore, founded by a band of Methodists. It was the American Camp Meeting Movement for Holiness people - attracting middle-class folk from the cities - seeking spiritual inspiration through recreation by the sea.

Tents were the first accommodations, and amazingly, tents are still a part of the town's summer attractions. Ocean Grove's "tent community" surrounds the Auditorium of 1894. With their colorful awnings mini-front-porches, these tents are like summer cottages with fabric walls. Curious passers-bys can peek in and see the whole cottage - front to back.

Ocean Grove has been compared to a time capsule or time machine. This historic summer place is a living history. The Ocean Grove Historical Society has a museum with changing exhibits. Centennial Cottage and gardens is a house museum. Nagles Pharmacy - now a retro soda shop - is an apothecary museum displaying the bottles and potions used by 19th century Ocean Grovers. Salvaged and saved from the basement of the store, this permanent exhibit is a bit shocking: here are some addictive drugs - pre-dating the Food and Drug Administration. But that's Ocean Grove - so much historic fabric and unexpected insight to the past.

Not too long ago, a vacation house in Ocean Grove with rooms for rent advertised "hot and cold running water." But now modernization is evident in almost any vacation rental. Beautifully restored vacation houses, Victorian homes, cottages, apartments - many with a kitchen that anyone would envy - are now a new standard. Professional designers have bought these houses and made them showplaces. And for those who love a original vacation rental - the small cottage with picket or iron fence - that is here too.

Ocean Grove rentals have a wide price range, too: cutting-edge modern condos with WiFi and flatscreens in rebuilt Victorian-age hotels or new or restored Victorian houses are in high demand for weekly rentals, but there are also more modest, budget apartments, cottages and multi-family apartment houses - some with ocean views - with budget deals on a summer and low monthly rates for winter (off-season) rentals.